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If you like agility and you’re on the island of Oahu then come join us for some fun! We’re the Hawaiian Agility Handlers Association, an agility dog club that’s all about dogs and agility. We offer classes, workshops, and agility competition!

If you don’t have a dog or you’re just not into training but would like to see what we’re doing, you are welcome to come check us out. We have dogs of all breeds and at all stages of learning. There’s lots to see and enjoy as both the dog and handler learn and become an agility team.

Please search our web site to learn more about us.


Want to be POPULAR?

It's easy to do. Read what is expected of you and your team and you are certain to fit in with our agility teams.

End the year on a BANG!

Don't miss out, mark your calendars with class dates and end the year satisfied with your accomplishments.

We're always hard at work making our club the best it can be. Our web site changes all the time adding information as well as trying to keep you informed on what's happening in the world of agility on our island and our state, Hawaii. See a mistake or something that you think needs to be added please write us as we're always working on being the best that we can be.