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About Us

Updated 07/18/2017

Hawaiian Agility Handlers Association, known as HAHA, was formed for the sole purpose to have a club focused on the sport of agility, and dedicate itself to the education and training of agility handlers in positive training methods.

HAHA offers agility competition and meets the needs of the club members by promoting dog agility events and instruction in the spirit of Aloha and good sportsmanship. We strive to advance canine health and well being, by encouraging responsible dog ownership and protecting the rights of dog owners through education.

Our members have a long and well-rounded history in dog competition in agility, conformation, tracking, obedience, and rally. A few of our members are breeders, some have risen to the status of AKC judges and we are beginning to see our dogs earn MACH and PACH titles as well as compete at AKC’s National Agility competition.

Agility in Hawaii has grown through the efforts of all of our members. Beginning in 2003, our members have been a part of successfully running AKC licensed agility trials and Show and Go fun matches. The recent growth of agility inspired us in 2006 to form a club dedicated only to agility.


    • President

      Cathy S.
    • Vice President

      Troy V.
    • Secretary

      Guy O.
    • Treasurer

      Lisa M.

    • Directors

      Allene A. , Wanda K. & Les S.
    Positions on the Board are two years of service. Elections are held in May of each year.
    If you'd like to contact one of our Board Members please feel free to do so by filling out the "contact us" form. It will be directed to whomever you address it to and you should receive an answer shortly. Thank you.

    (Board Liaisons)


    • Allene A. (Cathy S.)

    AKC Awards

    • Lynette M.

    HAHA Awards

    • Wanda K. (JR D.)


    • Pam G., Lehua C. & Cathy C.


    • Les S. (Les S.)


    • Troy V. ~ Committee Members: Allene A., Jill O., Cathy S., Cheryl C. (Troy V.)


    • Magy R. (Les S.)


    • Nanette V. (Guy O.)


    • Lola N. (Cathy S.)

    Public Relations

    • JR D. (JR D.)


    • Arlene W. (Lisa M.)


    • Ingrid M. (Troy V.)