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Updated 4-16-2018

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    February 10 & 11, Judge – Jan Skurzynski,  Chair – Sheila Conant ~ May 5 & 6 Judge Terry LeClair and Chair TBA ~ July 21 & 22 Judge and Chair TBA ~ September 22 & 23 Judge and Chair TBA

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Meet Judge Terry LeClair and his Brilliant Border Collies

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Judge's Dinner TBA

There will be a dinner on Thursday evening, May 3. Save the date and we will update you with the location.

Entries Opened on March 14, 2018...
... 8 AM at the Trial Secretary’s address. All entries received before this date will be returned. Overnight or certified mail must be sent with the “No Signature Required” waiver signed.

Terry LeClair is a VMO thus you will be able to receive your official Jump Height Card. Make sure you get measured before you pick up your running number from the Show Secretary. Listen for the announcement as to when the measuring will take place (this usually happens after the course has been built). Time permitting; dogs that are not competing may be measured for "fun". Why do this? Some dogs are fearful of the "Wicket" (measuring device). With a little bit of patience, proper rewards, and the guidance of a skilled judge or HAHA instructor, you have a chance to practice being measured for their official Jump Height Card. This "practice measurement" may occur before the show begins or sometime during the day, between classes, it's all based on time permitting. It's suggested that you attend the "official" morning measurement so that you see how it is done and at that time let it be known that you'd like to have a ”practice” measurement when the judge is available.

Field Time
SATURDAY & SUNDAY gates will open at 6:30 AM. Plan to start building course at 7:00. Check in will begin at 7:45 and close at 8:15. The trial will start promptly at 8:30.

All handlers will be assigned a job and are expected to help run the show. Volunteers are always welcomed! If you are not running a dog and would like to come to help with the trial please contact the trial committee . If you are new to agility this is great way to join the fun! Just let us know what day and about what time you would be available to help.

Don't Forget

  • Please check your entries before submitting to make sure you have circled the classes entered, your dog's jump height, and have included the correct amount of entry fees.

No Email?

  • If you do not have an email address, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your entry or you may not receive it.

  • CHAIR:Troy Villar ~ Contact will be made though our "Contact Us" link. Event Committee: Cathy C., Sheila C., JR D., Cathy S.
  • Lynne Richey ~ She may be reached at boandbj@aol.com
  • When filling out the entry form, there is a new section at the top of the form for exhibitors to designate whether your dog has a valid jump height card or if your dog needs to be measured. Please check the appropriate box so that the Trial Secretary knows whether to include your dog on the Dogs To Be Measured List. It is no longer required that you submit a copy of your dog’s jump height card with your entry form or show it during the day of show check-in.
  • This trial is open to all dogs fifteen months of age or older that are registerd with AKC or that have AKC Limited Registration, Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privileges (PAL/ILP) or an AKC Cannine Partners Listing Number or approved Stock Services (FSS) breeds are eligible to participate... Detailed and complete information regarding eligibility can be found at http://www.AKC.org
  • AKC Canine Partners listed dogs are eligible to compete with purebreds and other mixed-breed dogs in AKC companion events: AKC Rally, Agility and Obedience.  Dogs must be spayed/neutered to compete in AKC companion events." To learn more about the program go to: http://www.akc.org/mixedbreeds/index.cfm As of January 2010 "Mixed breeds will compete in the same classes and earn the same titles as their purebred counterparts." Enroll now, it's easy! On line: https://www.akc.org/canine_partners/enroll.html

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