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Club’s History

In June of 2006 we proudly announced the formation of a new agility club under the name of Hawaiian Agility Handlers Association.

~ 31 People With A Dream ~

Ingrid Manzione ~ President
Michael Goldstein ~ Vice President
Ginger Sanderson ~ Secretary
Connie Meredith ~ Treasurer

The club's focus would be solely on the sport of agility with the intent to train and educate in positive motivational methods. We hoped to offer both American Kennel Club (AKC) trials as well as agility competition for all breeds (Hapa Trials).
As a new club we had no equipment, no particular place to train, no means of hauling the equipment with which to train and no money to operate. What we did have was a keen desire to forge ahead with a club that focused solely on agility.

Wendy Nishida
Jill Olson
Lola Nakamura
Christi Tadaki

We were looking for a core group that wanted the same dream as we did and would work to develop a new program that would thrive through hard work and monetary commitment. We solicited Patron and Charter Members who became the initial voting members and the core group of this new club.
Charter Members contributed $200 or more per person and Patron Members contributed $500 or more per person. In addition we asked Members to make a time commitment of no less than 20 hours of volunteer time in the next twelve months.

Duane Arata
Sheila Conant
David Nakamura
Jim Dwyer

We knew it wouldn't be easy and with the dedicated efforts of 31 people, all having the same vision for the future of the sport of agility in Hawaii, we made it happen!
On June 24, 2006 we had our first General Membership Meeting and so began the Hawaiian Agility Handlers Association, HAHA.

Lynette Matsushima
Ron Stebbins
Wanda Koyada
Davey Crockett

Stanley Lum
Gerry Rebudlela
Damien Kim
Corinne Waterhouse

Jeremiah Punahele
Karen Lukela
Joe Cooper
Mel Leong

Susan Scholes
Sharon Kotaka
Betty Mowbray
Clarence Sakamoto